To grow your business you need to get the word out about who you are and what you do

The West Plains Chamber not only provides a platform for you to do that, but your fellow Chamber members join your team in building your business profile in the community.

Chamber events provide you with an active role in community happenings and it is a great place to build rapport with fellow business men and women in and around the West Plains.

The West Plains Chamber has so much to offer, but it’s up to you to get the most out of your Chamber membership.

Here’s just an overview of the benefits you should expect to glean from your involvement with the West Plains Chamber.

Networking Opportunities

Your participation in Chamber events allows you the chance to meet  other like-minded business leaders in the community and build relationships.

We provide intentional opportunities for members to make professional connections and grow their network.

Join a Committee

There is a tangible benefits when a member engages in the discussion and execution of advancing the West Plains.

We provide opportunities to understand and engage with our core functions of Networking, Education, and Advocacy that will mutually impact the Chamber and your business in positive ways.


Membership allows you to make innumerable personal connections but it also provides you with the resources you need to advance your business. The West Plains is growing at an unprecedented rate and innovation as well as adaptability is required navigate these changes.

We provide access to information and resources that impact and grow those we serve.

Be Heard

In the midst of the West Plains Expansion, a voice for the business community in the area is more important than ever. Your voice is important and needs to be heard to ensure the well planned growth that is essential to make the West Plains a great place to live, work, and play.

We publicly support pro-business and pro-community causes and policies that impact those we serve.


Membership allows you to make innumerable personal connections but it also places you in an important database. Our Chamber website is a great way to post your job openings, your events, and most importantly to let the community know you’re open for business.

We provide the community and fellow members with a list of member businesses who through their membership area strategic partner in the advancement of our West Plains Community.

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